• F*** the Patriarchy necklace

F*** the Patriarchy necklace


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The F*** the Patriarchy necklace is made of gold-dipped brass and measure 80cm.

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The F*** the Patriarchy necklace is made of a brass element enamelled by hand in a workshop near Paris. 

The F*** the Patriarchy necklace is a cheeky variation on the rappers' middle finger necklaces: with nail polish, it becomes a woman's middle finger to patriarchy. 

We've been blessed with great and kind press coverage. French Vogue was our first press feature (for the Boob ring of course), so heart out to them. We've also had a full page in M (Le Monde's style supplément), an amazing in-depth article in WWD, a feature in the T List and many many fabulous mentions in Stylist, Le FigaroCabana and even Gala.

We've also struck some warm bonds in the digital world. I'm thinking of color-genius style maker @dahanadcr, creative director + Hadid sister @lanzybear and fashion empire builder @lisagachet.

In real life (wait, Insta isn't real life? I'm up for a debate), our ambassadors are just the best. The queen of them all being writer Deborah Levy, who wears her Bangla Begum jewelry everywhere (even in Vogue). Princes and princesses of the realm include film director and actress Monia Chokri (@moniachokri), curator Diana Campbell (@dhakadiana), artist Miet Warlop (@miet_warlop), and Lebanese poet Hussein Nasereddine (@photo.hussein), all of them carrying Bangla Begum into their own wide and wild worlds.

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