The Boob Ring's Secret Sale


👋🏻  Hi, I'm Fanny, the designer of Bangla Begum. If you're here, it means you received our secret sale newsletter. Great! And welcome! I made this page to tell you why I decided to have this sale. 


🤹‍♀️  Last year, I experimented with offering a discount to people who had ordered a ring sizer. I didn’t want to have the Boob ring - my star, my life! - publicly on sale, but I did want to take a friendly step towards the people who had ordered a ring sizer. And to tell you the truth, I was curious about the "sale" effect that we are told is such a miracle!


💌  Well, it was an emotional experience. Not only did it rain on Bangla Begum a joyful rain of Boob orders, but I received MANY answers to my email (I had announced the sale from my personal email), each more moving than the other, which led to amazing exchanges that made me get to know you - after all, I spend my days in my little atelier, and for the vast majority of you, even if we sometimes chat on Instagram, I do not know you. 


😎  But I digress! Sorry!


💡  The reason I wanted to renew the experience and extend it to the newsletter subscribers (by the way, if you received the ring sizer discount last year, welcome back!) it's because, you see, I have dreams. 


👩‍🎨  And my dream right now is: an atelier. Not to own one (I'd need a hell of a lot of secret sales for this) but to occupy one where I could…fully exist. I love sharing an atelier with Nico, awesome friend, artist, and publisher of beautiful books, but I need Walls. Shelves. I need a place I can paint green. I need a place where my world can breathe. And where you can come, from time to time, to try on what you like. 


🎢  That's why I'm counting on the miracle of a secret sale: to grow, simply. And to grow freely. Because I have no investors in Bangla Begum. Not even my family, who couldn’t help anyway (I specify it for the 452 podcasts telling us to ask our family to chip in when we start a project hello there are families who can't I know it's crazy).


💸  Since the beginning, I have been financing Bangla Begum on my own, or rather, my project is financing itself organically: I invested a little money in it at the beginning, and since then, it is the orders that make it grow. I'm proud of it, but it means that some projects, like finding the atelier of my dreams, will take time. And for those who are wondering: it's too early to talk to banks (I tried) and I think Bangla Begum is too weird a project to present to investors. If a guardian angel ever comes along, I think it will be out of personal taste for my world and work rather than through a search for "institutional" funding. 


🙈  But I'm re-digressing. And literally telling you my life story. TMI. Sorry.


🤫  Anyway, I think I've told you everything about why I am having this sale. But why secret, you may ask? Well, I hesitated. But then 1) I always wanted newsletter subscribers to have a REAL advantage over non-subscribers 2) the Boob ring is my star, my best, my pride, I didn't want to devalue it (because technically that's what sales are).


👀  So let's FINALLY get down to THE FACTS. 


🔥  The Boob ring is available at a 15% discount until midnight (CET) on Tuesday, March 1st. It costs 382,5€ instead of 450€ (or 2125€ instead of 2500€ if you order it in gold). The code is OHYESFINALLYBABY. And it is valid on all metals: silver, vermeil, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold. 


🌷 You're welcome! See you soon! You've read this far: wow! 


☎️  Ok now, for all your questions there is the site's FAQ and for your other questions - if there are some left - I made a special FAQ below. You can also write to me directly at or DM me on Instagram. I'll be available all weekend except Saturday 6-8pm where if you don't mind I'll be at the cinema.




I want to order before March 1 but I don't know my size!!! Help!!!

It's very simple: order your Boob ring in any size (but in the metal of your choice), add a free ring sizer to your order, and specify in the "Notes" field of your cart that you will confirm your size when you receive the ring sizer. We’ll send you the ring sizer straight away and all you’ll have to do is let us know your size when you receive it. We’ve done this several times last year and it worked great.


I want to order but my ring sizer is at home and I'm traveling at the moment. Can you help?

Same answer than above!


I have a ring sizer but I hesitate between two sizes, any advice?

The Boob ring sizes a little bit big: most of the resizing we do is for Boob rings that are slightly too large. If you are hesitating between, for example, size 46 and 47, I suggest you choose size 46. If you are REALLY hesitating between two sizes, send me a video of you putting the ring sizer on your finger (you can send it to me directly to or DM it to me on Bangla Begum’s Instagram). I'll give you an immediate diagnosis! As I said I'm available all weekend to watch your videos and answer your questions. And bear in mind that if you still get it wrong, your first resizing is free.


I want to order but I can only do it next month. Can I still use the code?

I would love to say yes, but sadly it's not possible :-(


Can I give the code to a friend?

Yes :-) But privately please.


Does payment in 3x work with the code?

Yes :-)


Will you do another secret sale this year?

I don't think so. Maybe in 2023. Or maybe just for a tiny segment of subscribers. I want it to remain rare. And explained.


Do you ship outside the EU?

Yes, we ship worldwide with DHL.


How long will it take to receive my ring?

We produce on order and it takes about three (business) weeks to make a Boob ring. Please note that since last year, production lines have been disrupted everywhere, and our workshop sometimes struggles. That's the beauty of custom-made, in small quantities, and in France. Anyway if this is the case and production gets slightly delayed, we will inform you!


If the ring doesn't fit, what do we do?

You send the ring back to us, we send you the right size back. 


Is the code valid on other products? 

No, sorry, only on the Boob ring! But feel free to order other pieces too :-)


I have had my eyes on the Boob ring in 18kt gold but has its price increased?

Correct. And it was long overdue. When I launched the Boob ring in 18kt gold I was like OMG this is expensive. So I lowered my margin, which I never do. In the meanwhile, the price of gold kept increasing (have you ever seen a graph of the price of gold over the last 20 years? it's fun). As a result, the initial price of the 18kt Boob ring turned out to be not right. I had to adjust it. I'm sorry, it's my fault! That said, I don't know if you saw the 18kt Boob ring's new product description, but we now offer to engrave it with the word/name/date of your choice. I don't know if it makes up for the price change but it is...a little gift.


I already bought the Boob ring and now...I get this offer :-/ 

Oh, I'm so sorry! Will you forgive us? Let us know. And if you haven't received your Boob ring yet, we'll put a gift inside your parcel.