1. What's making her time easy?

    Hussein Nasserredine

    She says (her, whose faced shined like a moon): I want to live I say: Me too, However, unlike you, I did not know how the weather was like, And I...
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  2. Heirloom

    by Sutanya Dacres

    “I’ve been in love before, Odette”, I said to my 80-year-old neighbor as she pushed up the sleeves of her cashmere sweater, revealing a pearl and g...
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  3. Robert and Bangla

    by Nathalie de Saint Phalle

    Jewelry can have many meanings and uses. Sometimes, it's a bait. It was a few years ago. I had noticed and observed on several occasions, instantly captivated, a dark-haired woman in the half-light of the salons and of the mysterious staircases of the Palacio Belmonte.
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  4. Begum Rokhaya's Dream

    by Diana Campbell

    It was a balmy summer night as I boogied home wrapped in the frequency of the 1981 Pakistani pop hit Disco Deewane streaming on repeat inside my h...
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  5. The Jewelry Box

    by Laura Daniel-Sainteff

    She lives in Paris. For now. She likes the colors of the sea, music but only softly, and saffron pasta. She also likes peaches to be white and cherries to be black. From her Indian origins, she has inherited dark eyes and a name she loves to be asked to repeat.
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